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        Convert Existing Website to Responsive Design

If your website is pre-2012 then you need to have your site updated to the new full screen look that is more effective for your visitors that will get you better conversion rates throughout your site plus revamp your SEO to today's Google rules and get back to page 1 of your search terms. All your existing SEO rankings and content will be migrated to your new responsive website!
Along with the new responsive website that we create for your you'll have a new editor that is an easy WYSIWYG, DIY editor with very little knowledge or training needed.
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WannabeMobile's developing team can change your website to be fully responsive with a fresh new look and show you results in 24 hours and have it fully completed within 3 business days. Please don't hesitate to give us a chance and we promise mind blowing results.  No commitment! (how is such a short time possible?)

Enter your info below to request to have your website converted to a responsive design. You'll be sent a live sample of your new website look that will be fully responsive. By including your text No. we will send the sample url to your phone to view the mobile version.
There is no obligation that we need from you to have this done. 
Click on the picture below to view a live responsive design sample. 

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Live Responsive Design Click on image to see this live

Our Mobile Conversion:We can have your entire website converted to mobile phone usage in one day. All SEO will follow! Keep your existing site!!!Just leave us your web address and we’ll show you your site mobilized for free. No obligation!

Mobile Friendly Website: Our mobile conversions will properly set your full website to “pop-out” when viewed on any smartphone with no pinching and zooming and no side-to-side scrolling.
Your viewers will love it!… You will love it!

Editing Process: Edit your main site as always. Any changes made to your existing website will automatically update on the mobile version in real time. 

Real Results: You will see a sudden increase in visits due to a number of factors.
Google mobile spider-bots recognize and bring mobile sites to the top of its search results to give the user a better mobile experience. 
Google stats show 80% visitors instantly leave a website due to the web page needing pinch & zoom with side-to-side scrolling. 
With the 80% instantly leaving your site, this increases your bounce rate which decreases your SEO ranking on Google. 

Recent research shows that mobile users want to connect to businesses in their local area.

map-pin 59 % visit the location

phone 61 % of users call a business after searching

money 50 % of mobile searches lead to purchases

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