Get Your Existing Website Mobilized


Is Your Website Mobilized?

Do you even know what that means?

Okay, go to your website on your mobile phone. Can you read, find, or tap on your links without having to pinch, zoom & scroll from side to side? If you do, then your website is not mobile-friendly.

Mobilize my Website Now!

So what if people have to pinch & zoom my site? They can still get to my site, right?

Google has come out with statistics showing that:

  • 80% of people finding non-friendly mobile sites will quickly leave it.
  • 48% of those people will go to your competitors site.
  • 98% will never comeback!
Video Showing Mobilizing Stats

I don’t care. Nobody goes to my website Using a mobile phone anyways. 

More searches today are done with mobile phones vs. desktops!!! (Google-2013)

The reason no one is going to your site using their phones is because Google Mobile can’t find you. It is a different search engine than Google and it prefers Mobilized websites first no matter how good your SEO is.

Here’s the Good News

  • 90% of users finding a mobilized site act within 24 hours.
  • You can have your site fully mobilized in by the end of the today!
  • Ask us for a live demo of your website mobilized so you can see how great it will look on a mobile phone. No cost… No obligations… Just a simple email or phone call from you. 
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